How to Start your Online Teaching Business?

According to UNICEF, the pandemic cut off more than 168 million children from learning worldwide. This statistic could be disturbing to a lot of you, especially if you are a passionate teacher. But, this is also the right time to begin online teaching and ensure the best for students out there. 

KPMG reports show, by 2021, the Online Education Industry in India would be worth around  $1.96 Billion. Let us check how to tap into this opportunity.


  • Know your audience

It is important to know who needs your teaching service. Based on the age, location and need, design your lessons and courses. It helps in planning for long term or short term content. 

  • Prepare a course pattern

students are more into watching and learning these days. You may prepare videos of your classes with interesting elements like graphics or illustrations. PPT is another way to present topics to your students. However, Live Classes are the most preferred because of interactive sessions that make classes lively with a personal touch. Lastly, have your assessments ready for students to evaluate their learning process.


  • Sell your Course

Sell your course as a subscription that lasts from 1 month to 1 year or as a one time package with bulk course material with assessments. It helps students in completing the courses at their convenience. Make sure your classes have a personalized touch that motivates them to complete their course on time.


  • Choose a Platform to Teach

There are more than 3500 Ed Tech startups in India. With such demand, you are sure to get a refined and user-friendly platform that helps both teachers and students. Make a brand of your own. Would you like to check out Oogyy (moonhive. in), our complete online learning solution? 

Remember, online teaching gives you the convenience to work from home in a very cost-effective way. Interactive sessions and videos make classes interesting for students. 

With internet connectivity increasing tremendously through the nook and cranny of India, this is the right time to provide online teaching services to students. Don’t let the gap widen any further, and don’t stop the flow of learning.


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