Top 3 Online Teaching Apps for Tutors and Small Coaching Centres in India.

1 .Oogyy


Are you a teacher looking for a complete learning solution? Yes, you heard it right, COMPLETE! Here is an Online Teaching App that works for you. Oogyy -The Complete Learning Solution. 

Didn’t you always feel, what you gave online was not enough?

  • Aren’t you exhausted from using multiple tools to provide a single online class? 
  • You have a smartphone, but taking classes requires more than that?
  • Don’t you want to reach out to more students with more content for less data?

Oogyy gives you all these and more with  zero investment. 

The problems of Online Teaching or Coaching are many. You also want to 

Quickly retrieve your old effective lessons and share them with students for better outcomes.

  • Monitor your less performing students and help them identify the gap.  
  • Conduct assessments regularly and easily.
  • Conveniently take classes and provide information to students from anywhere.
  • Collect fee without any hassles.
  • Make a brand of your own. 

 We identified the limitations and designed Oogyy for the real needs of online learning. Oogyy brings the convenience of being the only Single App solution with a simple user interface that helps in easy offline to online conversion. Now you have access to

a) Live & Recorded/Scheduled Classes

Live class for teacher-student interaction. 

Recorded classes for those who miss classes for unforeseen reasons.

b)  Live Webinars

For a detailed presentation of topics that need vast insights and discussions before exams.

c)  VR & AR Enabled Classrooms (Customization ONLY)

To experience the thrill of online learning to the fullest.

 d) Video Presentation from Google & YouTube

Quick transition from a live class to high-quality videos in no time.

 e) Breakout Rooms

Teamwork for improved leadership quality among students.

f) Document Drive

Huge storage of quality content for future reference. It is quick, reliable and easily accessible.

g) More Content for Less Data

Give quality content to your students, to ensure uninterrupted learning for less data cost.


2 .Teachmint

Teachmint is one of India’s fastest growing Edutech startups. They give mobile-first video first experience that enables teachers to create a digital facelift to teaching.


3 .Classplus

It gives coaching centres an opportunity to grow their business. They provide apps for each coaching centre to make classes through mobile an easy and hassle-free one. 

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