How Can You Make A Profit In Business Using Mobile Apps?

The answer would be most of us were hanging upside down with our smartphones to work/study from home, spending hours @ OTT platforms, gaming, chatting, calling, so on and so forth. To sum up, mobile phones turned out to be a necessity and a part of our life.  Doesn’t that sound like an opportunity for online retailers to make a profit using mobile apps?

The time spent indoors during the lockdown period has paved the way to a hyper-growth of smartphones and mobile apps in the Indian market. The pandemic has made business owners switch from offline to online retailing to reach their target audience. So what could be the potentiality of mobile apps? How can a business owner attain a mobile app that ensures better customer retention and an increased conversion ratio?

Therefore using the right mobile app tailor-made for your business requirements will assure you the profit.

Let’s check out the recent “Show-Stopper” in mobile apps

Progressive Web App is the recent show-stealer in mobile / web app development. They are browser-based applications. The technology initiated by Google has been a success and profitable for business.

These are the distinguishing features that stand out ‘Progressive Web Applications’ from ‘Native Apps.’

You don’t need to purchase. Just download it.

Progressive (works for all users regardless of browsers)

Responsive (used on mobiles, tabs, and desktops)

Connectivity independent ( ability to work offline or low-quality networks)

  • Instant 
  • Automatic updates ( push notifications)
  • Safe and reliable (use HTTPS protocol)
  • Cost-effective ( use pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)
  • Fast and accessible

How do Progressive Web Apps make a business profitable?

For any online business, mobile apps should be fast. More steps on the app result in the loss of its users. Entrepreneurs now focus on mobile websites that deliver a high-quality browsing experience. Progressive web apps offer retailers high customer interactions, improved performance and usability, and promise on mobile web conversion rates. It’s other profit making aspects are:

PWA’s are placed in search engines

An effective means to run marketing campaigns for your new products.

  •  SEO friendly.


No need to spend money to register in the App Store or Google play store.

Supports push notifications ( online sales)

  • Increases repeated user visits
  • Consequent sales and conversions.

Work without Network Connection.

Ideal for rural communities where the connection is a consistent problem.

Best Examples of Progressive Web Apps

  • Netflix
  • OLX
  • Make My Trip
  • Trivago
  • Flipkart Lite
  • Twitter Lite
  • Telegram
  • Starbucks

 The Future of Mobile apps

According to Statista 2021, around 72.2% of Indians shop online, and an average of 88% of people engage in chat and social networking sites through mobile apps. These all indicate a steady growth of potential mobile app users and a tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs to leverage it for business growth and an increased return on investment.

Knowing the potentiality and viability of the mobile world, Moonhive has introduced two products- Oogyy (The Complete E-Learning Platform) and Daily Store (For a Total Retail Makeover). Oogyy is an online learning app with a simple user interface that helps in safe offline to online conversion. Daily Store helps retail stores to switch their offline business to online quickly and efficiently. 

We offer a 100% customized, fast, effective, and safe business  with zero investment using mobile apps. 


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