How To Expand The Reach Of Your Brand With Influencer Marketing?



In my childhood, I remember watching an ad and insisting my father get that product on the very same day. Unwillingly my dad went and got it after an extensive tiring search. I was very stubborn to get it quickly because that product, a shower gel to be precise, was endorsed by my fav actor. Well, about the product, I will tell you later(secretly). 

So what I meant to say is Influencer Marketing is not a new thing. It is an age-old trick but very popular in this digitized era to increase the reach of a product or service.


Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the idea of the old school method of celebrity endorsements and mashing it up with social media &  content-driven marketing campaigns. It is a marketing tool where brands work with influencers to market their products. Big brands like Adidas, Pepsi, Dunkin’Donuts all use influencer marketing. They mainly do it through Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.



Influencers can be anyone. The individual can be an Instagrammer, blogger, writer, politician, celebrity, etc. They share their stories about their lives and experiences and promote products/services they use in their daily lives. An influencer has the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because they are experts in their respective industries and have developed a reputation and relationship with their audience.


Influencing way

Now people don’t want to see scripted or edited posts, ads, or videos. They want to see reality. The real influencers make mistakes, show their bad days, ugly selves, and pick themselves back up again. This openness makes people trust the influencer and follow them. The best example is Sameera Reddy’s Instagram posts and videos.



Benefits of Influencer marketing

Brands use influencer marketing to communicate with consumers through authentic content and influencer. There are influencers in every industry. Brands collaborate with these experts who develop a reputation with their fields to boost sales or awareness.


-Increased brand awareness

Customers mostly reach out to familiar brands. Some great products go unnoticed because people don’t have adequate brand awareness. Influencers help to seal the gap.


-Increase reach

A  brand needs to reach the right audience with the right influencer.

Influencer market to everyone who follows them. That may be a heterogeneous group. Thus brands expand their reach with influencer marketing.


-Trust and credibility

Buyers value trust, and brands gaining trust take a long time. Influencers have already gained the belief of their followers. The followers pick only those products or services that the followers decide are worth buying or using.


-Authentic content

Contents are created in influencers’ unique styles. Often people tend to rely on influencer content because an influencer is someone just like them. The audience will get to know each brand with a fresh feel.


Step Ahead

Influencer marketing is the hybrid of old and new marketing tools. So it is here to stay and grow more in the future. Ecommerce brands can reap extensive benefits from influencer marketing. At moonhive, our experienced team of influencer marketing and content strategists gives our clients the right audience, true relationships, data, and knowledge to succeed and create brand awareness.




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