Welcome To The Virtual Universe: Metaverse



Till a couple of days ago, the whole world was buzzing about the covid-19 pandemic. But Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement of rebranding Facebook to ‘Meta’ has turned all eyes and brains towards “Metaverse.” So what is metaverse? How is it going to change the social media platform?


Metaverse is a virtual reality space in which users can interact with one another in a computer-generated environment. Or we can define it as a place where people can come together within millions of 3D experiences to learn, work, play, create, and socialize. 


Many questions had popped up naturally in some of our minds when we heard ‘metaverse’. For example, Is metaverse the other version of life? Who all want to live in a virtual environment? Is it going to be the next big wave of human life? How are we going to take an avatar of ourselves? Well, there are plenty of questions. But the reality is very soon there will be a merge between the real world and virtual world with ample opportunities. 

So let’s welcome ourselves to the virtual universe: Metaverse.



Facebook has rebranded itself to ‘Meta’ – to be more than a social media company. They are stepping into the next computing platform, metaverse. This platform enables people from all spheres and sectors to interact, immerse and collaborate to share their knowledge and experience without the hindrance of demography or space.  Facebook has already entered into the metaverse version with ‘Horizon Workrooms,’  an app that lets oculus sporting workers enter virtual offices and hold meetings. 


Metaverse and Business

The combination of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality will become the next medium of social and business engagements. Metaverse is expected to support the real-world economy. The platform enables people to build, trade, and invest in products, goods, and services. In business terms, they assure that those who invest in this platform can make a living and gain profit for themselves. So it’s about creators and commerce. The platform is interoperable and ensures the creators, builders, and developers know where their business could be going.

The metaverse virtual world could develop into a trillion-dollar industry. Video game companies, consumer brands are trying to jump on the trend. The augmented and virtual experience is here to benefit the creators and MNCs alike.


Metaverse and the Common Man

Metaverse is a hyperconnected virtual reality. It can be accessed from different devices – from apps on phones and PCs to immersive virtual and augmented reality devices. Within the metaverse, it’s possible to hang out with friends, family, work, and many more using virtual reality head-sets, augmented reality glasses, mobile apps, or other devices. The distinction between being offline and online will be negligible or almost nil to say.


The next wave

Metaverse is the next big wave, and it sounds promising. Multi-dimensional interaction and immersive digital content create a new online platform, and its fruition will transform all sectors of consumers and enterprise behavior.


Moonhive has been developing technologies and engineering prototypes using virtual reality, augmented reality. The product Oogyy ( The Complete Learning Solution) works with such features, and we aim to go beyond online education by creating a “metaverse” for an immersive learning experience.


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