The Essential Part Of An Online Business – Landing Pages


“You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can surely sell a bunch of books if you have a good one” – Jayce O Neil.

To a certain extent, the quote stands true. Some of the covers do talk about the theme of the book and tempt us to purchase it. The same logic applies to the landing page of a product or service of an organization.


The Landing Page

The landing page is a standalone web page that is different from a homepage. It is a page focused on converting visitors into leads (customers). Every landing page has a strategy to pull in audiences. They offer prospective customers resources in exchange for their contact fill form for basic information. The landing page aims to attract and inform a customer about the attractive features related to a product or company’s services.


Basic steps in a landing page:

  • CTA (call-to-action) form on the landing page
  • Visitors fill the form, converts it into a lead
  • Form information stored in leads database
  • Market to the lead 


There are marketing automation tools that allow you to analyze the leads, check how the leads are connected, and their interaction with your website. The information collected is treated as “Nurtured lead” which helps you decide effective marketing strategies for your product or service.

Nurtured leads become a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and move through the marketing funnel quickly. Ultimately it gives you the Return On Investment (ROI).


Conversion Process

The purpose of a landing page is conversion. Various tools work together to make your conversion rate high


  • CTA

A call-to-action is an image or line of text that prompts a visitor to complete a specific action. CTAs’ are placed on the landing pages where content directly relates to your offer. On landing pages, CTAs guide visitors where they should click to access the offer.


  • Landing Page

The landing page certainly has a form that a visitor fills out to access the offer. It explains the benefits of a particular offer and encourages visitors to convert into leads. Once submitted, the visitor has to be redirected to the ThankYou Page.


  • ThankYou Page

A lead has to be acknowledged through a ThankYou Page. ThankYou Pages include a download button where a new lead can click the offer on the landing page. This is an important step in the conversion process, and it helps to move the lead down the marketing funnel.


Benefits of a landing page


The landing page is one of the online marketing tools. It engages and makes customers visit important pages of your website.


  • The first impression should be the best

Landing page acts as a window. Best landing pages provide value for the visitor, offer call-to-action effectively,and set the customer’s journey.


  • Generate leads and conversions

Landing pages focus on creating leads resulting in higher conversions.


  • Promoting new products and services

Dedicated landing pages that explain the features and benefits of a product or service add value and credibility.


  • An increase in search traffics

The landing page that follows search engine optimization, uses keywords, and is search friendly  drives more traffic to your site.


  • Supports business goal

Helps in achieving objectives such as increasing sales, growing customer base, expanding products to new markets, launching new products.


A Landing Page Design


If you want a lead, you need a landing page. How It Works


  •  A catchy headline

A compelling headline is needed to capture the visitor’s attention at the first glance and make them interested to read.


  • Enhance the value of your offer

Tempting the visitor to stay on your landing page is crucial while developing a landing page. The offer should be valuable and conveyed effectively.


  • Short and Precise

Grab the attention and engage the visitor with short bullet points that convey the summary. 


  • CTA form

CTA form is the vital element in the landing page, and it should be brief to get basic information like name and email ID.


  • Speak Visually

Content-relevant captivating images drive the visitor to stay on the landing page.


  • Social Sharing Icons

Social sharing icons help people to share the landing page with others across their social platforms. It helps to promote the offer.


  • Testimonials

People love reviews and to a certain extent, it allows them to make decisions. Testimonials should be directly linked to the offer you are promoting. 


  • Simple and Clear

The content copy should be simple and clear. It should give the visitor a clear picture of the key product benefits, features, and instructions to be made on each step. 


To bring leads from the landing page, you should invest your brain, money, time, and resources. A single landing page with the right content and design elements can increase your customers and profit in business.


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