The 7 Step Attraction Marketing Method

Internet penetration is growing higher, and online business owners have no choice but to maximize their reach to stay ahead of the competition. People are aware of what they want to buy, and their purchasing decision depends on how a product performs. Here is where an improved marketing plan comes into action.

There are ‘n’ number of marketing plans and strategies. Attraction marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods for attracting leads and boosting conversions.

Attraction marketing provides valuable information about the product or service before convincing customers to buy. This marketing strategy uses a “This is why I need this” angle instead of “This is why you need this.” Attraction marketing is a technique that gives knowledgeable information about a product or service, positioning yourself as an expert. It is an effective strategy for generating leads, boosting brand equity and loyalty.

Steps to create a powerful marketing strategy for your business:

  • Brand yourself

Brand yourself, not the company. People are looking for leadership and strong leaders. Branding YOU makes you stand out from the crowd. Your prospect cares about only one thing: What’s in it for them. 

Attraction marketing is about serving and impacting your audiences with consistent value.

  • Define your audience

Without knowing who your target audience is, no point in strategizing your business. Your vision and passion should impact your target audience.

  • Understand audience challenges

Audiences have problems and what they expect is clear solutions. They buy products or services to solve their problems easily and cost effectively.

Brainstorming all possible problems and challenges, understanding your ideal clients, their needs and wants should be the focus of your business to confront audiences’ challenges.

  • Create content that addresses audiences challenges

Creating consistent and valuable content for your audience is the best way to brand YOU. Contents that target audiences’ challenges and problems and provide solutions and answers are valued.

Content can be videos, FB posts, blog posts, Instagram Pics, and stories, ideally educating and entertaining audiences and providing solutions to their problems.

  • Build relationship with the audience

Trust is superior between people and business. People do business when they like and trust a product/service. Trust occurs when the content they want addresses their challenges. Consistent addressing builds a bond, and slowly it leads to trust.

  • Engage your audience

The best way to engage the audience is to connect with their problems and provide safer and perfect solutions. Taking time to reach out to your prospects who connected with you on your website or elsewhere will eventually  gain trust in you and make you win.

  • Embrace multiple income streams and make money

Smart businesses occur when you embrace multiple income streams that serve your audience. Multiple income streams are a big part of the ‘Attraction Marketing Method.’

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