8 Top Reasons Why Consumers Shop Online


One of the most cherishable memories of my life was the monthly shopping that our dad used to take us every first week of a month. It was a shopping cum outing. Once shopping (mainly kitchen dry items) was over, we came to some budget hotel for sumptuous dinner.  There ended that month’s shopping, traveling, and outing.  I carried this saga to the next generation until the pandemic gave it a halt.

Pandemic made online shopping a necessity more than a trend. The digital divide and age disparity became a thing of the past, and almost all age groups dwelling in the remotest places started to indulge in online shopping.  


Online shopping can never replace brick-and-mortar store shopping, but it will dominate the retail field with its perks, spending preferences, and comfort levels.

Let’s delve into the top reasons why consumers shop online:

Free Shipping

Free shipping has become a necessity and beneficial for both shoppers and retailers. Most consumers prefer to get things for free and delivered to the home, while some pay for faster shipping when the situation demands it. Free shipping offers a  minimum purchase threshold to qualify for free shipping. This increases sales and boosts revenue.Lower Price

Low prices welcomes customers to try new products. 70% of consumers shop online for less expensive products. Consumers are always alert to explore the most affordable options. It is a successful marketing strategy, and if applied correctly, increases sales.Convenience

Convenience is king. 

The consumer can shop from anywhere, at any time, and can know shipping status from the comfort of your home. All these elements are a pulling force towards online purchasing.Price Comparisons

Which is cheaper? An online or offline buy?

Consumers are conscious about what they spend. Online shopping helps to compare the price of commodities through easy navigation in a few clicks.Varied Options

The product selection process by comparing products by price, reviews, and features available online has made it easy for shoppers. Consumers prefer online due to its product variety.Online Sales and Discounts

Online shopping makes it easy for consumers to search for discounts, sales, deals, reward programs, and promotions. Offering discounts have a sale-enhancing effect, and consumers pay more attention to price rebates and deals.Safety (Avoiding crowds)

Covid-19 has made people minimize exposure to public stores. Studies have shown that there is a hike of 60% in consumers who started shopping online than they did before the pandemic.Exposure to new products

Consumers have the opportunity to explore and get exposed to a wide variety of products online. Some products are sold exclusively online. Influencer marketing has made consumers look for a specific brand.


Online shopping is loved by many for many reasons. It makes it easier for the consumer to sit at home, find what they like, and get it delivered to your doorstep. From my perspective, online shopping is a boon, and after all, it’s all about shopping.


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