Eight Steps Of Content Marketing To Initiate And Grow Your Online Business

Studies done by The Mckinsey and Company have found a fundamental shift to consumer behavior in India due to the pandemic. The nationwide lockdown allowed people to spend time indoors and made online shopping easier. Due to this, retailers had to switch from offline to online, even making the older generation join the bandwagon. 

Products are plenty online. Similar products under different brand names are available, making competition high. So how are you going to grow your business online and generate profit? 

Content marketing is one of the powerful and successful tools to drive visitors to your website.

  • Content  Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing approach that involves creating, distributing, and amplifying compelling content that is relevant and useful to attract and retain the defined audience group, focusing on creating conversations, and ending in profitable customer action. It is one of the efficient means to generate leads, raise brand awareness, and improve online presence. It educates consumers about the product and convinces them to purchase your product or service.

Step-By-Step Content Marketing

The steps involved in content marketing that marketers should follow are:

  • Goal Setting

What should you achieve with a content marketing campaign?

By defining your goals it will help you design a better content marketing strategy. Your goals can be either Sales – related (Lead generation, Sales closing, Cross-sell, Upsell, and Sales referral) or Brand – related ones (Brand awareness, Brand association, and Brand loyalty/advocacy).

  •  Audience Mapping

Find out who your target audiences are that you want to focus on. Defining a specific audience will help you to create focused and sharper content, which can contribute to the brand’s effective storytelling. The audience can be from various psychographic and geographic areas. 

Do proper research  to discover and address audiences’ anxieties, desires, pain- points, and aspirations – which will define their need for specific content.

  • Content Ideation and Planning

Find ideas on what content you need to create and plan how to execute it.

Content should always mean something to the customers’ lives, and it should act as a bridge between your brand and the customer. A relevant theme, suitable formats, and solid narratives complete a successful content marketing campaign.

  • Content Creation

The most important step in content marketing strategy is content creation itself. It is a continuous process with consistency. Without high quality, originality and richness, content marketing campaigns could be of no use.

  • Content Distribution

Any high-quality content goes unnoticed unless it reaches its audience. It is possible only through proper content distribution to reach your audience. Content distribution can be done through media channels that are owned, paid, and earned.

  • Content Amplification

People are created differently. Content goes viral when it reaches the key influencers in the intended audience group. These influencers endorse your product only if they find there is something useful for them to improve their reputation when they spread the content. This is how your content gets amplified, and conversions take place.

  • Content Marketing Evaluation

Evaluating sales-related and brand-related goals’ success in content marketing strategy is important in the post-distribution step. 

Track your content performance across the customer path with the help of social listening and analytic tools with metrics that measure whether the content is visible, relatable, searchable, actionable, and shareable.

  • Content Marketing Improvement

Content marketing improvement helps to track performance by content theme, content format, and distribution channel. Performance tracking is important for analyzing, identifying, and improving opportunities for your growth. 

It enhances the comfort level and shopping experience of customers across the customer journey.

Content marketing is a long-term game. Content marketing with a strong marketing strategy is a sure way to set up a successful online business.  

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