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Stepping into the shoes of our clients to deliver a seamless product. Redefining uniqueness with a touch of committed self.

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We provide innovative IT solutions and strategic consulting for your success.

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Original Solutions

Creative best designs, products, and services intended to be rewardingly impactful.

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Zeal for technology,
Deal for sustainability

We create business collaboration to boost confidence and success. Our concern for society helps us develop cutting-edge solutions through digitization. We place sustainability at the core of everything we do and believe in innovations that add immense value to our stakeholders.

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Software Development

Boost efficiency and productivity with tailored software solutions designed to meet your unique business needs. Streamline processes, automate tasks, and gain a competitive edge in your industry. Benefit from improved operational efficiency, cost savings, and customized features that align with your specific business goals

App Development

Engage and delight your target audience with captivating mobile apps. Enhance brand visibility, improve customer engagement, and drive revenue growth through seamless user experiences on iOS and Android platforms. Benefit from increased customer loyalty, expanded market reach, and the ability to deliver personalized content and services

Web App

Unlock the potential of the web with dynamic and user-friendly web applications. Improve online presence, streamline operations, and provide a personalized experience to your users with innovative web solutions. Benefit from enhanced user satisfaction, increased conversion rates, and improved accessibility across devices

UI Development

Make a lasting impression with stunning and intuitive user interfaces. Enhance user satisfaction, drive conversions, and differentiate your brand with visually appealing and user-friendly designs. Benefit from improved user engagement, reduced bounce rates, and enhanced brand perception


Maximize online sales and customer satisfaction with optimized e-commerce solutions. Create a seamless shopping experience, implement secure payment gateways, and leverage data analytics to drive business growth. Benefit from increased revenue, improved customer retention, and valuable insights for targeted marketing and product optimization

QA & Software Testing

Ensure the reliability and performance of your software with thorough testing. Detect and eliminate bugs, enhance user satisfaction, and protect your brand reputation through rigorous quality assurance processes. Benefit from improved software reliability, reduced maintenance costs, and increased customer trust and loyalty


Harness the power of scalable and secure cloud-based solutions. Optimize resources, improve flexibility, and achieve cost savings by leveraging cloud technology for data storage, infrastructure management, and application deployment. Benefit from increased scalability, reduced infrastructure costs, and enhanced data security and accessibility


Accelerate project delivery with dedicated professionals committed to your success. Access specialized skills, increase agility, and maintain full control over your project while reducing operational costs. Benefit from faster time to market, improved project efficiency, and the ability to scale resources as needed


Scale your workforce efficiently by outsourcing skilled resources. Reduce overhead expenses, access top talent, and focus on core business activities while leveraging external expertise for enhanced productivity and project success. Benefit from cost savings, increased operational efficiency, and access to specialized skills and knowledge

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I am glad that Moonhive took up our project on automation and has been doing a good job

Tied Solutions

My association with Moonhive has been a long one and our transition has been magnificent.

SPARK Learning

Thank you Team Moonhive for all timely recommendations and value additions.

Aneesh Kumar
A&A Infotech solutions