Digital Transformation Accelerator

Are you ready to digitalize your organization and operations? Is your sales team tied up with manual processes? Taking too long to roll out your MVP?

Minimize the effort and maximize results with pre-built wireframes and features for your digital products.


Don't start your digital transformation from scratch.


Improve development velocity and go to market faster with Moonhive's digital transformation accelerator.
Get started with our functional apps for typical B2B and B2C scenarios like Digital Media Marketing,
Web Design, Software Solutions, Big Data, Business Analytics, etc,and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Go to Market with your Digital Organization Faster

Think Big, Start Small


Build an MVP or a fully integrated POC in just a few weeks


Ensure that your product idea is well received before you spend your budget on development. Test ROI with fully integrated proof of concept (POC), minimum viable product (MVP), or a combination of both in just a few weeks and take your product from concept to reality.

Boost your eCommerce Journey

We help small & large-scale businesses to curate a user-friendly journey for their customers. Our e-commerce storefront is designed for organizations looking to establish a fully functional online store quickly. Reduce time spent on maintenance, navigate the rapidly growing e-commerce landscape with minimal effort, accelerate eCommerce growth, and drive profitable revenue by building your uniquely branded web and mobile stores within 15 to 20 minutes.

Digital Marketing Done for You

Our goal is to provide your business with world-class Digital Marketing services that convey your brand, help you attract and retain customers and enhance your social media presence. Our pre-built tools include web forms, URL shorteners, in-built CRM, poster templates, and social media channel integration.

Deliver Excellent Learning Experience with a Learning Management System

Get insights into your student learning trends, enable diverse assessment options, and manage attendance with our best-in-class learning management system. Enable effective fee management and make learning faster, more productive, and cost-effective. Personalize the learning experience, track data seamlessly, foster collaboration and create streamlined communication between learners and educators.

Bridge the Gap Between Physical Classrooms and Digital Learning

Empower trainers to teach with ease from anywhere. Whether you are in the training room, teaching from home, or reaching attendees via a combination of both, Oogyy's modern hybrid learning solutions handle it all. We offer a full suite of education solutions to help trainers make learning more accessible and better than ever. Whiteboard, Exam planner, Video builder, Presentation builder, and many more to create the most engaging learning experience for students.

Turn Accounting Chaos into Profitable Results

Get your accounting in order and transform stressful, resource-devouring accounting procedures into pre-defined and standardized digital processes. Get detailed insights to help you keep your finances on track and pain-free through our ready-to-use accounting app. Import your data and get started with pre-built data pipelines.

Shaping HR for the future

Quickly transform your HR management and improve operational efficiency while replacing traditional HR procedures with a digital alternative. Our ready-to-launch HR tool kit helps you manage your staff, track leaves, and manage policies and grievance redressals. Reinvent your HR function with our customizable mobile and web apps.

Our Approach

We design, build, launch, and support digital products. Our team crafts tailor-made solutions to help your organization thrive and enables companies to make complex decisions better, smarter, and faster. Our expert team is ready to partner with you to achieve extraordinary results and our accelerator services could be just what you need to create sustainable value for the long term.

Fuel your business growth with impactful digital solutions

Transform your business with a solution tailored to your needs. Interested in learning more?