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PTE story with JMS.



10 FEBRUARY 2021

01 Introduction

PTE is a mandatory visa processing criterion for people dreaming of a life abroad. Countries like the USA and Australia require this Test of English results to qualify as an immigrant. The Ed-tech platform’s stature attracted fewer visitors and wanted to revamp it to invite more students to take their digital coaching programs. In the quest for the same, they collaborated with Moonhive and developed a branding strategy.

02 Description

Education is a service to human society, and that being at the heart of Moonhive’s vision, a branding strategy developed. Our digital marketing team created very captivating designs and developed their student portals. Relentless in approach, we took ownership of the project and got engaged in it till we saw the glance of satisfaction in our client. It was made possible through our digital engineers. They leveraged speed, scale, and a design DNA culture to deliver experience-based software. JMS – PTE went through social media handle management with the help of our experts. Since then, it has been a long-term client relationship, and the success story of an online PTE coaching platform is here for all of us to see.