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The organic store : E-commerce



06 august 2019

01 Introduction

An entrepreneur always looks forward to innovations and to reaching more clients or customers. The challenge is the digital presence. Around the world, a requirement for an online presence has been there ever since online retail giants like Amazon and Flipkart started deciding things for us. With our web and mobile application ready to use, a digital transformation would be as quick as a wink. User-friendly mobile applications may be purchased and linked to your business through us. We are here to serve you better with customization.


02 Description

The organic store is named so because of the authenticity with which a business can grow. Our experts and creative team of designers and developers have contributed effectively towards an exclusively experiential on-screen navigation. Our branding strategies have always been lauded by clients in India and abroad.


Any customizations based on your USP may be incorporated with the help of our experts. You may list your products, it’s price, mode of payment for ease of use. This ensures customer satisfaction and the opportunity for exploring options available on their mobile screens. We make online retailing easier and beneficial for small and medium scale businesses. Selling your product, be it organic produce or homemade consumables, our platform will help you reap your efforts in no time.

We bring together resources for project campaigns and digital marketing to achieve our client’s business goals. With Moonhive, every business owner can now create a global presence with our remarkable inputs in business process reengineering and creativity.