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in an automated file transferring

01 Introduction

TIED Solutions required an automated file transfer solution that could effectively and securely transfer data through a centralized approach. Incorporating this solution will save customers time and money, improve security, and simplify server-to-server file transfers.


Giving paramount importance to the protection of information, the client wanted a software solution that provided a safe, audited method for automatically transferring information within and outside the enterprise.


The solution should be hosted in a Linux platform utilizing MySQL or Postgress Database and can be installed in the customer environment. The nature of the solution required it to be agentless which allowed the administrator to launch the admin interface from any web browser.


02 Description

Considering the high scalability, portability, and maintainability, a high-level design architecture was developed to analyze all requirements of the software. For a convenient end-user journey, the functionalities of the automation solution were integrated and a wireframe was created. Through relentless teamwork, the project was successfully executed.

We at Moonhive, are dedicated to developing a flawless and very simplified solution that is better than the already available solutions in the market. Our developers have imbibed the overseas market culture and have depicted a focused flow of energies for the ultimate satisfaction of the client.