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Spareo : An Anecdote on Creation of Spareo’s
E-commerce Platform

01 Introduction

Spareo is a leading spare part trader for luxurious and branded cars like BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, MAN, Volvo, and Scania. Spareo, founded in 1988, has emerged as the premier trading company for branded car spare parts in the GCC and several European countries.

Business challenges
  • Limitations to reaching out to customers worldwide
  • Establish and strengthen the brand
  • Missed opportunity for growth in the digital world
  • More convenience in placing online orders

02 Solutions

To overcome the business challenges, Spareo sought the services of Moonhive, a website design company renowned for its creativity and ability to deliver comprehensive features. Moonhive provided a website that catered to Spareo’s unique requirements, offering a user-friendly platform for customers to easily place orders and receive their products. Our development team also integrated the website with an inventory management system, ensuring that customers could view real-time stock levels and order the parts they needed with confidence.

The website was designed with a clean and modern aesthetic that showcased Spareo’s products in an appealing way, with high-quality product images and detailed descriptions.

To enhance the user experience further, the website was integrated with a payment gateway, enabling customers to make purchases securely and conveniently. The development team also implemented SSL encryption and other security measures to ensure that customer data was protected.

03 Results

The new e-commerce website was launched successfully, and Spareo saw an immediate improvement in customer engagement and sales. The site’s user-friendly design and powerful search function made it easier for customers to find the products they needed, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. The client also saw an improvement in their online visibility, due to its improved design and functionality.

The integration of a payment gateway also made it easier for customers to make purchases, leading to an increase in online sales. The new website allowed the client to effectively compete with other companies in the industry, and they saw a significant increase in revenue as a result.

04 Conclusion

By partnering with Moonhive, a software development company, to create a new e-commerce website, Spareo was able to overcome the challenges they were facing and achieve their business objectives.