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The Spark Story: Mobile Application Platform for PSC
competitive exams.

01 Introduction

A digital coaching center for PSC competitive exams.
PSC examinations have been an integral part of the Indian students’ life who dream of government jobs. With a literacy rate of 96.2% in Kerala, PSC examination coaching is a personal mandate for a majority of middle-class families in the state for a secure career and life. Pandemic has led many students to miss the opportunity to attend normal classes and live interactive sessions for a meaningful learning experience. Here is where the mobile application platform engages actively to attract aspirants.


The need for change
  • Existing apps had user-interface complexities
  • Users ranged from educated young to literate homemakers who were first-time app users
  • Costly
  • YouTube videos lacked visual appeal
  • Lacked branding strategies

Online coaching is the need of the hour. To reach the pinnacle of online PSC coaching, Spark Academy decided to hire a trusted digital partner for the revamping of its teaching platform. Their struggle for existence was majorly due to an unstructured training platform and lack of a cash flow monitoring system. Their quest ended at Moonhive’s Digital Hub, the most creative and ideal digital solution provider in town.

02 Description

Spark Learnings’ user-interface adaptability scored well over other similar apps, and their reach progressed manifold in a few months. Moonhive’s specialized outsourcing sector ensured curated content from the Spark resources delivered high-quality study material.

Branding Spark Learnings
  • YouTube videos won a global appeal, with the powerful tools used and professional delivery pattern.
  • A uniform dress-code creating a signature across all sector videos.
  • The educationists embraced the branding strategy.

Moonhive -The Project Campaigners

“Simplicity boils down to two steps: Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest.”

  • Our team identified the specifics and delivered the requirements for the Spark Learning app.
  • Within 75 days, a high-performing support team of 50 was identified and assigned for the development for Spark Academy.
  • With more than 5000 downloads in 3.5 months, the Spark Learnings app has rewritten the live class concept and online coaching methodology for the learning community.